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Make your student’s birthday a special event.

Here are some nice posters in a slide show that I use to celebrate birthdays and other special cultural, fun days.  I have a classroom set of instruments: maracas, castanets, guiros… which are used to sing the birthday song.  Each student get an instrument, the birthday boy/girls gets a sombrero to wear as we sing the birthday song.  The song asks how old are you, so the birth boy/girl tells us his/her age once we stop singing.

Every day is special, Especially their birthdays

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Teaching greeting, farewells phrases and short introductions

Start the day with a posted greeting and add other essential class elements like objectives, your/ their I can statements . Teach Spanish “the natural way by repetition”.  Routine and Repetitions help students learn material naturally.  Start small and build on…

Greeting and day questions

Here is a link to a start up Spanish 1.  Giving and asking names

Teaching how to ask and give names in Spanish.

Greeting, asking how are you? and farewell

Greeting, How are you?, farewell



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¡Aki vamos, a aprender/ enseñar Español! Here we go, to learn or teach Spanish!

¡Gracias por visitarme! Thanks for joining me!

La aventura comienza para todos ahora. Ya hacia mucho tiempo que deseaba comenzar un blog, un lugar especial donde pudiera compartir con otros educadores y entusiastas del idioma español. Espero usemos este lugar para crecer, formas comunidades y amistades. Muchos educadores distribuyen sus ideas y pensé que ya es tiempo para mi de “ give back too”.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton  –  indeed

This year, I started using a new textbook series “Qué Chévere” so I will be posting all my resources in hope that they are helpful to others.  Stay posted as I enter activities, resources, games and classroom ideas.  I am here to learn from others but more importantly to share many activities, tools and resources to make learning and teaching Spanish and enjoyable journey,